Social inquiry

This section contains a social inquiry model to help your students explore what it means (and has meant) to be a New Zealand citizen.

This social inquiry model:

  • identifies the key concepts likely to emerge, highlighting those which are most central to the understandings promoted during the inquiry process
  • provides sample focus questions to guide the collection of relevant information to support the inquiry (the unit plan and templates could be used to further support students’ inquiry)
  • emphasises the social aspect of the inquiry by offering you a set of prompts for values and perspectives that explore different views of New Zealand citizenship
  • shows how your students will reflect on and evaluate understandings and responses throughout the process
  • identifies success criteria that relate to the conceptual understandings identified and provides opportunities for formative assessment.

Although this model may not have a strong action orientation, it encourages your students to consider how to promote awareness of the meaning and importance of citizenship.

The template is taken from a social inquiry overview diagram originally adapted from B. Hill and G. Aitken's social inquiry model for the Ministry of Education, and published in Approaches to Social Inquiry from the Building Conceptual Understandings in the Social Sciences series (Ministry of Education, 2008).